Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hide and Seek, Beloved

Hide and Seek, Beloved

I feel you in the misty morning, when the sun is not quite up
and I see you in the sleeping face of my child.

I feel you smiling to me in walls, in the trees, in the air I breathe,
and I feel you out in nature wild,

and untamed, human's opinionated domain unproclaimed.
I see you in the glow, the shine of eyes of radiant beings I know.

I see you lost and hiding, like in a deep and twisted cave,
within the shady forms of slouching figures,
beings not yet awake,
but fittfully, angrily sleeping
and cursing you with their pain.

You are not one figure,
you are natural and free..
I see you as the fabric of reality.

When I forget you are there, the world is harder and more jagged,
then I remember and you are still smiling, as if I never forgot.

You are the Soul of which each Soul is a fragment,
and tell me, do my cells contemplate me,
the way we,
contemplate you?

I have a hard time finding you in monuments and books,
other then the passages that pass my eyes
and hit me deep..
then I hear You telling me, the wisdom that I seek..

but you speak in whispers,
in songs stuck in my head,
you speak in inner-rightness,
through inspiration you have led,
me on a wondrous path.

And I believe whole-heartedly,
that all is as its meant to be...

that each suffering reveals more truth,
the deeper freedom after integration is the proof...

that truth, love and delight are why we are here,
as cells of your body, we appear and disappear,
and you are playing hide-and-seek..
all is lila,

so EVERYTHING is sacred, yes,
and strive we must, yet we are blessed,
because everything is a purposeful unfolding
of Your loving consciousness through our own living,
and learning by trial-and-error,
and that joy comes from giving,
that over and over,
love is the way,
and yes, its ALL sacred,
but this is all just your play.

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