Monday, April 8, 2013

To Give of Thyself, You Must Take Care of Thyself

Once again, the important lesson is in self-care. No matter how much we love, if we drain ourselves with improper care, we undermine our ability to fulfil our duties to those we love and who depend on us. As a mother, I have become completely accountable to my child for any lapse in my self-care. Its not selfishness that demands I am balanced and whole, but the love for my son and desire to be the best, most patient mother available to him. I am not my own but his. My father, bravely battling cancer, needs my best when I see him. My boyfriend, an incredible man of honor, duty, respect, devotion, and love, deserves every bit of my loving heart and joyous freedom. My students, who honor me with their esteem, deserve the best of me, it is my duty and life's work to serve them.

I have learned that getting enough time in the present with my son, keeping the house neat, getting outside as much as we are capable of, and eating 100% or nearly 100% raw vegan foods, pure water, and lots of kombucha help me to feel my best. Plenty of sleep, adequate time to myself and creative expression are also crucial. Daily yoga goes without saying, although for some a vigorous workout or other fitness activity clears mind and energy and strengthens the body in the right ways to facilitate openness and wholeness.

Knowing myself to the point of being able to "put myself together"- a long, meditative shower, dressing in a way that feels comfortable and beautiful, fixing my hair and make-up- not because I hide behind these things, but because they feel right as expressions of my essential Self- is also crucial.

Allowing enough time and allowing daily rhythms to restructure for the changes in seasons and changes in life and energy are necessary as well.

It comes down to clearing and balancing and putting everything in, on, and around you into harmony with your inner sense of rightness, a.k.a. Heart, a.k.a. Conscience. Deep Honesty.. The truth.. The deepest, most subtle truth you can hear. Always heed that, and you will clear your life of all falseness and heaviness and manifest light and rightness in all ways.

Sacrifice and compromise that doesn't go against your inner truth is part of the process of love.. But if we ignore or conscience saying no, and say yes, at some point we will pay for that lie. Satya, Deep Honesty, is crucial as the inner navigation system. It helps you to hear "the still, small voice" if you keep your mind and energy and body well and balanced.

In order to be your best to have the most positive impact on this world, take care of your needs. Teach your children to take care of their needs through example, as I also teach my students. If I didn't take good care of me, I have no grounds on which to tell them to. I would be a hypocrite,and not well respected. People value integrity, when the thoughts, words, and actions are all in harmony, there is peace and joy in your heart, and that shows in your every movement. Integrity cannot be faked. Seek it, work at it, embody it, for the benefit of your most cherished loved ones, and the sake of all you meet.

It is as they say in the airplane.. Put your oxygen mask on first, THEN you can help many, many others with theirs.


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