Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Beloved

The Beloved

By Laura Harrison

*written in honor of Shyamdas.. A bhavish fellow after my own heart.

You don't have to look to far to see the face of God,
All of Existence is the Face we long to see,

You can't get to the Divine by bypassing the everyday world,
The way is through reality.

In denial of the trials and errs were make,
In throwing away the body, in discarding all desire,
Its the means to the end we seek that we forsake,
How can there be just one path to take?
When that which we seek is omniscient,

How can we need a mediator to go between,
Ourselves and the fabric of all that is,
When the same Divine spark is in all that's seen,
All that exists is God...

Breathe, feel and release,
And know that when you kiss your lover,
You are kissing the Beloved,
Beloved loving Itself through Itself,
All is Self, with a capital S,
All distress can be released,
When you trust in the vinyasa of reality,
Like carefully arranged designs created by your desire,
So focus your creative fire,
Embody the vibration of what you want to be,
Focus and feeling state of love, peace and the holy,

The Beloved is smiling at you through everything you see,
Human, animal, inanimate object, rock and tree,
God is the loving-consciousness-fabric of reality,

And the Beloved is the one pulling the strings,
animating breath of conscious underlying everything,
So in your eyes let love's light ring,
And don't deny the sacredness of anything,
But if you take it too seriously your missing..
The point

One playful deity
Dividing into many
In order to experience everything,
To give and receive,
Love, serve, and honor,
To forget,
To remember,
To enjoy being together.

So remember when you kiss your child's face,
Or when experiencing times you wish to erase,
When friends, full of grace,
When Lovers embrace,
When chaos will chase,
Or everything's in its place,
It is all the lila of God.

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