Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not Subject to Time, Nor DIstance

Not Subject to Time, Nor DIstance

Laura Harrison

It feels like its been a long time,
like there are roots that have grown already,
and the soil, moist and fertile,
and well-worn with feet and smiles,
and the warmth of unspoken loving connection.
It is alive with vast, warm, bright life
and the living power of potential. 

I don't really understand,
but then again, why is overrated,
and logical is a merely human construct,
it does not reflect the logic of a universe,
based in energy and where time
only exists to keep everything from happening at once,
and where we can only see the biggest most dense forms,
if we had real eyes, we'd realize that WE are cells,
and cells are energy,


one contiguous sheet dancing...
close your eyes
and relax your walls of tension,
a temple built to worship self-consciousness...

When the walls fall and the dust settles,
I can meet you in the space within
where we are never and were never seperated at all.

When we travel within that boundless space of energy,
and come back to the physical,
we take a piece of truth with us...
that what animates the form is not the form itself,
is not the food itself,
not in the outer sense..

but what animates the form is the light of loving-consciousness
and it exists in all form,
all form is consciousness-energy condensed.

So I cannot explain logically why I have so much love and feeling for you
but I don't think I need to,
except to explain it to the left-brain that doesn't understand reality ever anyways.

So let it be confused,
because when it is confused,
it is quiet.

I give everything to trusting that what I feel is real,
because I have worked too damn hard for too long to back down on my beliefs now
when a miracle has landed in my lap

and any minute and pathetic shred of a fear that the left brain can produce,
I can dismiss instantly with the vastness and radiance
of my love-drunk experiences.

so onward...
into the journey before us..
with wide-open eyes and heart
guided by the truth of what is
not the fallacy of what the confused brain wants to interpret as such

and all I know
is what I am experiencing
is nothing short
of everything beautiful
in all directions
that my life is fuller
the lotus of my heart is blossoming
that the synchronicity can no longer be denied

everything is energy..
and truth is more painful to deny
then to open to it,
let its power blow through
and tear assunder all that is now false and outdated.

physical life is the balance of opposing forces,
and nothing can balance and nourish us more
then the meeting of male and female in unconditional love

so meet me in Rumi's field
and we will forget our outer shells
and exist infinitely together
in the pureness of unbridled, unfiltered, unbounded love

though you are far away in body
you are not far away in heart.

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