Thursday, March 7, 2013

Knowing the Self before finding a Soul mate

Our culture gets us obsessed with finding a life-long partner. For some rare folks, that seems to be the path- that at a young age they meet a partner, and that the partnership doesn't inhibit growth, but catalyzes it, through all the cycles and transformations of this lifetime.

Yet for most of us, we will have several significant relationships in our lifetime. Longing for the next partnership is natural, but usually takes on an egoic air of neediness or rushing and dissatisfaction with what is. Try to let go of those strands and see, that you have to have a happy relationship with your Self first. If you don't know your Self, how can you know who you need or want to be with?

We are not one solid person. We grow and change, and our outer and inner landscape changes significantly over and over in our life's journey. Soul mates come in the form of strangers, friends, lovers, and experiences,to show us, in what we love and admire in them, the pieces to our developing Self we weren't aware of or had forgotten.

And only when we have a great connection and feeling of wholeness with the next stage of Self at this next chapter of our life's journey, can we be ready to attract the next partner. I believe for most people it is a different soul-mate/partner that arises for different stages, different Selves in life.

So don't go to dingy or trendy bars if you find them soul-sapping. Your future partner will meet you while you are being you. Life will bring you together. In the meantime, love being you. Find out what makes you tick. Let your life be your art, let your outside reflect your inside, live in complete harmony with your heart and intentions. Become freer. Don't try to be, just be. And DON'T worry. Love comes in many forms and from all directions. You are whole. You lack nothing from a partner. Only two whole beings can make a healthy relationship happen.

So get busy on your life journey. Be you. Have fun. Do the work. Get freer. You are love.

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