Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Are You Brave Enough?


By Laura Harrison

Once you crawl out of the shell
Of tension, of self-consciousness,
Of pretentious,
Unquestioned thoughts you swallowed
From your parents
From TV
From your warped views of reality

Once you abandon on the trail of life
The unnecessary struggles and strife
You get to the
Task at hand

Can you plant the feet of this body in soil,
Heart expansive like the starry skies.
No weight in your chest, spine aligned,
The way its designed to fly...?

Realize you are weightless and made of light,
Interfacing in 4 dimensions through this body of earth,
It is cumbersome,
It is messy,
It is heavy,
But God, it feels so good to love and play,
To greet the dawning day,
To re-meet souls you've known before..

So can you,
Abandon the safety of your barbed wire lock box
And bravely go where you are free and unknown?
Where your light is grown,
Where the real work begins,
When you stop trying to be other,
Where you stop vying for love,
Where you let your love and inspiration take you where you have only dreamed you'd go.

Are you brave enough to live your life fully?

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