Monday, March 18, 2013

The Journey of Becoming Your Self

I often point out to my students that its the very things that make us unique that we learn to suppress in childhood, because we want to fit in (that's some root chakra energy, the urge for family, tribe, and basic survival). Yet as we grow older, a deeper and more primal urge slowly emerges and devours us... The urge to be true to ourselves, to feel a unique purpose, and to live in the fullness of our potential everyday.

There is a physical, metaphysical and psychological journey we undertake to get through this cycle, and that journey is the revealing of a lot of lessons, insights, and the healing of a lot of deep wounds. The wisdom we gain from this difficult journey usually points us in the direction of our life purpose, and is supported by our entire set of skills, experiences, and passions.
Another great revelatory process is in recognizing beauty in others. Before we do a lot of work to heal our wounds and find ourselves, we falsely see happiness, beauty, and love as being scarce or limited. In holding that unconscious view, we see others who are charming, at peace with themselves, beautiful, in love, or vibrant as some sort of a threat, and we feel jealousy or bitterness at seeing them. We must teach ourselves to witness that feeling, and negate it, and cultivate joy in seeing their beauty and success. When we do that, we can see that often times, what we admire in them is also a reflection of a quality that we feel that primal urge to embrace- it is a piece of ourselves we are longing to explore and express. We can find pieces of ourselves in our children, friends, acquaintances, strangers, people of the opposite sex we have some sort of a soul connection with, and of course, our romantic partners.
Creative expression is crucial to living a full life. For some it is through dancing, listening or playing music, visual art, gardening, home decorating, how we dress and carry ourselves and basically anything we do. We can live our life as an art, imbuing each moment with the depth of our whole attention, inspiration, and love.Time in nature is both healing and balancing. It helps us to let go of all that is not the present moment and be free and whole without baggage. Likewise, yoga and meditation are incredible catalysts and medicines to aid the process of transforming into our Selves. The self is the small self, not conscious and filled with conditioned habits and views that are unchallenged and often disingenuine to the truth of the Higher Self. The Self is the individual in the form of wholeness, grounded, and all layers connected (body, mind, energy/spirit), the individual fully self-expressed, yet connected consciously to the underlying oneness of all. We are here to purify our individuality, and let it connect us to our universality. The trick to a fulfilling live is to find your inner truth and follow it, no matter what anyone says, no matter if it is illogical or highly unconventional, the true voice of your conscience is the compass. It will reprimand you with guilt when you harm others. It will feel expansive and light and filled with love when you listen to its call. And it will bring you on a path of synchronicity, love, bittersweet ecstasy, and miracles. But it is a trial and error process to learn how to heed its call, and not the false voice of the left brain- the ego. So we must look at every experience as a teacher, and learn to listen to the right voice within. Like anything else it is tough at first, but becomes easier with practice, and it is so rewarding, it is incredibly worthwhile.We are given this life to live as a unique spark.. A unique prism through which the light of Loving Consciousness shines into the physical realm. It is each of our own responsibilities to seek true wholesome happiness, health, and fulfilment. The beauty of this process is that as we do the work to travel this path, the happiness we stir, then freedom we unleash, becomes an energy that fuels us, and makes us a catalyst for the advancement of others. We don't have to force or pry. Just by being yourself you will somehow contribute to the wholeness and freedom of others. It is the work we were born to do, each of us in our own way.

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