Friday, March 22, 2013

Manifesto of Life Purpose

It helps to stop sometimes, and just watch. Just view, where we are, what we can do, have done, feel we are alive to be doing.. what frees us and brings out our light.. and then marinate in that energy.. that beauty, that light. And then what? Connect with it some more, and set an intention to live life as a reflection of our deepest truths.

For me, I am very visual, so to write it, in both the act of writing it and in the seeing of the written (or typed) word, there is a solid understanding that forms.. as the energy is brought from the mists and colorful, sensual landscapes of inner feelings through the right brain into the left and out into words, we take it from the realm of thought and energy and bring it consciously into the physical.

There are long-term dreams and passions, and there is what present reality happens to be, and the in-between starts with taking steps in the direction of the dreams, but letting go of the heavy burden of HOW it will come to be. Don't sweat the details, not necessary. But bring your inspiration, your passion, your joy, your enthusiasm, and your natural skills all to the table.

And write. If you are super-logical, make a chart.. of immediate actions to take and pathways and goals.. and make it happen. If you are really creative, make a collage, painting, drawing embodying that energy.. or if you are somewhere in the middle perhaps journal about it. Organize it outside your brain. Make it come into the physical. It helps you to know yourself to express what you feel.

So for my own sake, and perhaps if you are interested in what I offer, or as an example of how one journals about such things, here we are (stuff in parenthesis are for your understanding of my short-hand):

Where I am, Right my Career.

Four main focuses of my career -
(based on passion, skills, desire, and inner sense of rightness)

1.Group Yoga Classes
2.Cooking lessons/workshops/authentic lifestyle-healthy living
3.Teacher Training Course
4.Workshops/retreats/travelling to teach workshops

My writing (lol)
focuses on poetry and articles of experiential and practical inights for living a more open, healthy, free, fulfiling and blissful life in line with life-purpose

My videos (youtube)
will focus on sharing little tips and tastes of my work:
short yoga practices for home use
cooking and lifestyle vlogs

Why those four focuses:

Empowering people to take charge in their own life journey is key to my purpose, not disempowering them with false dependence upon me as any source of light.

Group classes are powerful, I personally prefer to come together to practice in the community, its a bond, a shared experience, but deeply personal as much as it is shared. Providing a space for community is definately part of my purpose, as is encouraging the perfect balance of strong individuality that is fully and consciously connected to the matrix of oneness.

The teacher training course is my favorite way to work with individuals who are truly serious about their growth in consciousness. I only like to do private lessons for a short, finite time if needed. But the teacher training course allows a balance of individual instructor guidance and self-directed study that is very conducive to growth of the ripe student.

Cooking is a passion, and to me it is a form of meditation. Food is life, plants give their lives just as animals do to perpetuate the lives of others. Food is sacred. And to create food, mindfulness, loving energy, joy, and knowledge come together to create real nourishment. The act of cooking, as well as the act of eating, is an opportunity for mindfulness and creative delight. Food can be our medicine or poison, can destroy the earth or nourish her, can uplift and heal us or drag us down and murder us.

Teaching people to cook is important to me, and giving workshops in people's homes creates a beautiful reason for people to gather, learn, become inspired, and honestly, satisfies one of my many little flashes of inspiration since youth.. to have my own little cooking show. ;)

Through workshops across the country and internationally I am able to share the unique gems of my teaching style and personal insights with other yoga teachers and empassioned students, thus spreading how many beings benefit from my existence. I also get to see the world, another important experience to my soul.

It is an honor and blissful experience to facilitate retreat and restorative/transformative experiences for other beings.. another facet of my purpose.

Beyond these things... things I will bring to the community and world, or be participating in--

live music yoga- partnering with musicians creates a powerful vibe, a deely touching and extra-poweful group yoga experience.

kirtan- something I love.. so cleansing to sing with others and lose yourself in sound and movement..

poetry performances- so many people love and respond to my poetry.. I will be performing more and more.. maybe get paid engagements eventually.

festivals- stir up good energy, local festivals are a great way to reach new people!

Nature- I cannot connect with nature too much, never enough, so I cannot empahsize enough her power for balancing and healing and out need to connect with nature in many ways.. and natural imagery is so powerful in yoga classes.. loaded with feeling, each image is lush and ripe with connections more beneficial and moving then plain words alone..

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