Saturday, March 2, 2013

Revelations of Oneness

By Laura Harrison

I find pieces of my soul,
In the faces of the people that I meet.

Its incredibly powerful medicine,
To see what I don't want to be,
Or what's no longer me.

But it's more powerful still,
When just to be near a person,
To feel full of love and like the sun is shining through my every pore.

I want more!

It's satsang, choosing your friends wisely,
Spending time alone,
Touching nature,
Knowing that the Beloved is wrapping his arms around you every time you smile or cry,
There's no room to lie
Because all that is is consciousness,
All That Is knows what It is, and It is everything,

So there's no room to hide,
No separation of sacred from mundane,
This world is the romantic playful art of the Beloved,
And we develop our little part,
Our role, our unique gifts to extol, our special beauty to behold,

I am finding the pieces of my soul,
And the path that makes me whole,
In the experiences of each and everyday.

The revelation of oneness is in each day,
As we fall in love with pieces of ourselves in others,
And form a relationship with the Lover inside all other lovers.

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