Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stop Holding Back

Stop Holding Back

Sweet bird songs, and still sleeping trees,
waking Spring soil, and gentle breeze..

peace and intensity co-exist,
bare feet on the earth, I cannot resist..

if a redirect my heart out of my mind,
a magical experience is here to find.....

leave behind your thoughts and labels,
leave behind your mind's fables,

don't waste your time in complaint,
and choose wisely when to show restraint,

much more then that be free, BE FREE,
be completely here and now, just be,

senses alive and intensly open,
let down the walls, live in hoping,

take action towards serenity,
allow what is.. to just be

and dance with the energy of Divinity,
co-create your reality,

not passive and pessimistcally presumed
that all things will be handed to you..

God helps those who help themselves,
and what you look for will be felt,

what energy you hold in heart and mind,
is the very energy that you will find,

so stop pointing out the log in your brothers eye,
drop the burden of all grudges, and begin to fly,

allow yourself to be what you were born to be,
individual, generous, loving, and free.......

So leave behind expectations or desires to appease,
shoulds or shouldn'ts, set them into the breeze.

what does your heart say? what feels right?
listen to the inner truth, and do not fight.

the small, still voice of divinity,
the blissful undercurrent of everything.

if it says play, if it says create,
then who are we to deliberate?

if such deep expansive joy arises in these acts,
why do we in complacent fear retract?

if it says love, no need for hate,
from where and why all this debate?

stop thinking so damn hard and come back to your senses,
calm yourself, quiet your mind, lower your defenses

feel the intensity of each moment, every breath,
when you open yourself, you access the depth,

you feel as the riverbed must feel,
the intense waters rushing over you,
sensation making the moment real

you are not you all alone,
we are all a part of our vaster home,

but we are  each individual in the matrix of this net,
and this is the balance we can't forget

stop holding back the expression of what makes you you,
and hold back the things that are crushing you.

the energy of each moment caresses your Soul,
and to set your love free is the ultimate goal.

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