Monday, February 21, 2011

Become Enlightened, Become Like a Kid Again

Its strange that we often stress seriousness as a quality of maturity in our Christian-based societal norms, since Jesus often referred to being child-like as requesite for entering the Kingdom of God, which he said is within us and all around us.

So if to be enlightened we must be like children, it's unfortunate that even well-intentioned adults often view children as silly, unguided, unknowing and adults as always knowing better. While indeed, adults are more entrenched in material existence and may have a leg up on the mundane, material knowledge and motor skills, children have a leg up spiritually- as freshly incarnated souls they may still remember other planes, and how to be in the Spirit, so to speak.

What can we learn from children? Awe. Wonder. Sensitivity. Non-judgemental views. Children delight in the miracles unfolding all around them and don't dismiss anything as insignificant. They are honest and live by their heart-compass. Kids don't pass judgement on others because of the way they look- not until they are taught to.

Babies are just Present a lot, calmly abiding in the moment taking in the total experience. Toddlers revel in the newness of each experience, and truly enjoy using their senses to explore their relationship to the world around them. They stay honest and open in the moment. Play is a way of celebrating the suchness of the moment and generating a joie de vivre, whole-hearted happiness and peace.

Adults have learned to worship the rational, live in their heads, ignore the familiar and disregaurd the value of playful fun, losing the connection to the heart-compass. How can we find the sacredness available to us in each moment with a closed heart?

Start fresh learning to love and live fully in the moment. Learn from any very young children in your life. Renew your innocence. Believe in goodness. Care for others. Delight in the miracles of all shapes and sizes unfolding all around us. Laugh and smile more. Love like its your whole being and purpose. Enjoy life vividly.

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