Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday Satsang (universal spiritual) Retreats at the Studio

Satsangs are spiritual gatherings. What I hope to offer is a 75-minute retreat open to the entire community; individuals, couples, families, friends of all ages and religions. If you are interested, please let me know!

I envision it beginning with 20-minutes of silent meditation/prayer, during which the kids can color, and adults can choose to do rosary/japa or yogasanas if they wish. Then we'd come into 20-minutes mantra chanting/singing. We can share songs that move us in a call-and-response style, bringing us deeply into the moment. Then we can have a 15-minute reading from various sources, letting us partake in the universal nature of all religions. Then we can end with 15-20 minutes of silent meditation/prayer.

I'm hoping to begin building a universal spiritual community. I want it to be a fun, engaging, centering experience that will serve adults and children alike. If we include our children they will grow up seeing the sacredness of all life and the Divine reflection that is everything everywhere. They will grow and mature into adults who cherish peace and have a strong reverence for life. We all need to be patient with the children and accept their presence and right to be fun-loving kids..

So please let me know if this sounds like something that you and your ones would attend! Thank you!

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