Sunday, February 20, 2011

In Love with the Moment: a couple little love poems for the Universe


To be present is to be connected to the love-current of the Universe,
alive with bliss and knowing,
only by feeling the now we are here and have any idea what life is.

To be distracted is to be fogged over,
eyes glazed, lost in the dark cave of subjective thought,
looking at life through a filthy, filmy window.

To be mindful is to be intoxicated with freshness,
to be high on eternity, unfolding each moment,
to pulsate with starlight, to be in love
with the very existence of existence.

You may think my kind of people are strange,
looking with wide eyes at the same trees day after day,
rolling in the grass, breathing in the air and moaning,
rubbing our hands through dry beans just to delight in the sensation.

We say "I love you" to strangers and we mean it,
we feed off of a child's laughter for days,
we will just stare into the world and smile for hours if you let us.

The only people you've seen like us are on drugs,
but our high comes from far beyond the senses.
Our high comes from knowing that the Maker permeates all that is made,
and every moment is a tender lovesong, a rapturous miracle, an ecstatic embrace,
that lasts only as long as the limits of our focus.

We are lovers of the Love that is everything that is.


Words are a blurry poloroid
of the knowing of raw experience.
Looking at a crappy photo won't get you there,
only turning around and piercing the center of this very moment,
burrowing in, boring deep past the thoughts and opinions right into infinite consciousness itself.

When you dive for that mark, bring lead boots
so that the styrofoam of the thoughts can't keep sucking you back to the shallow water.

Marinate in that depth, and soon you will grow gills and die to the shallow world and never look back.
Then you'll look wierd to the zombies who have never drunk the wine of pure awareness.

That you seem strange should never matter,
not after you make friends with All That Is.
All That Is makes all-that-was look like the not-worthwhile it always was.

Did you just want the husk, the appearance,
or did you want the reality of the nut?
You can have your husk-world,
I don't even miss cable now that I have the boundless depths to explore.

Even this trying to put It into words
is growing stale. I'm diving into consciousness itself again,
so Don't wait up, its too delightful to express!

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