Sunday, February 13, 2011

Become love.

When we become spiritual, unselfish, unconditional love, we need not worry about any other precepts.

Love is honest, love is content. Love cannot harm or kill. Love is joy, love is compassion. Love is pure, love is wisdom. Love is patient and benevolent. Love is our essential nature. True love is universal love, it sees that all of life is sacred, from the very same Source..

If we had to choose just one quality to strive for, let it be love.

If we become infinite love, we become infinite, we become enlightened. Peace is made of love.

Be love everyday, and become extraordinary.

In all situations love is the answer, violence and negativity are never acceptable.

Love is the secret to everything good.

Cultivate an equal love for yourself and all others to truly be love. Embody love. Know that all life is sacred, animate and inanimate. God is in everything and everywhere. See the Spirit in trees, animals, all of nature and everyone. Think this way and life becomes the Beloved whispering love poems through all of manifest reality. There is no greater love then the love that is the essence of all form.

Become that love, as Rumi might say. Don't be "myself" and "love"- let the love dissolve the ego like sugar in water and leave nothing behind!

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