Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Signs on the Path

I am sharing a little of my experience of where I am, here and now, on the path. I'm not special, but I do my best to live as I believe, to live my Yoga. I share this to encourage or inspire others in their practice. As it always goes, spiraling ever deeper, tomarrow I'll wake up in a different place. So this is just a postcard from "now", wherever that is.

After my evening practice, now almost two hours later, my body (and beyond) is still tingling peacefully with aliveness, just like it does in savasana. I feel very clear and awake, but extremely calm and peaceful. I can stay awake or go to sleep, as I wish. It's as if my body is resonating palpably with the universal "Aum". I feel very grateful and content.

My mind is still restless at times these days, but my awareness is clearer and sharper. I discern new levels of subtler thought that went unnoticed before in meditation and mindfulness. I don't identify who "I" am with my body, or with my thoughts, not nearly to the previous degree. I increasingly associate "I" with the Witnessing level of awareness, with consciounessness, not intellectually but experientially. This is a new space I'm recently coming into.

My patience is growing, as is my inner peace and universal love. My peace is becoming harder and harder to shake. Even when I am pain, I don't suffer. I am practically free from the suffering mental state, perhaps due to a full embracing of the practice of surrender. I think of my daily chores and activities as "Love in service of Love". I look at life in general as a spiritual journey and my life as service to all life. This brings me great joy. I am dedicated to reaching enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I feel it is possible, but I'm not too attached either. I am striving joyfully, because the path is so beautiful.

I am increasingly aware of intuitive information, more sensitive to what is or what is about to be. I feel, not just hope for, the loving quality in the existence of all things. I am able to watch, witness and not become lost in certain situations and experiences. I am able to love my body-vehicle. I am increasingly able to find the qualities of the deeper Self in myself and others. I see life as an unending flow of miracles. I can more often feel connectedness. I do better and better to flow with harmony throughout the day.

These things aren't happening because I'm special, they are happening because Yoga works. They are happening because I love Life deeply- I love nature, animals, people and plants, and the Spirit that flows through them all.


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