Friday, July 1, 2011

Interbeing and the Myth of the Independent Person

So your ego thinks its so tough and independent? You say, yes! I work and pay my own bills and cut my own lawn and don't ask anyone for help! I suck it up and suffer through on my own, I don't ask for the support of others. Do you really think so?

Do you grow your own food? Spin your own thread and weave your own cloth, make your own clothes? Do you have anxiety or a temper because you are so bottled up, or do you judge (yourself and) others harshly because of your bitter internal resistance? Do you digest well, have deep peace, unshakable confidence?

No one is really independent. Asking for help when it is needed, knowing ones limits and humbly accepting help and generosity when it is offered is the sign of a wise person. What makes the difference between being lazily dependent on others and being balanced is reciprocity. If one can also be as generous as possible in every opportunity that arrises, if one is humbly and truly and deeply grateful for what is received, then one is on the path of yoga.

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