Thursday, July 7, 2011

What would the perfect yoga sanctuary be like?

I have a constantly evolving inspiration for what our studio can and will be for our community. Please share what would inspire YOU and create the perfect sanctuary for recharging and recollecting the Self.

I am open to whatever it becomes, but a couple visions grip me. I see a space with wide french doors, and large screen doors opening into a meditation garden.

I see the studio as both a sanctuary and community space, a place for deep relaxation and for energizing, mobilizing and forging connections.

There are other thoughts for the future that may manifest slowly over the years... Some may manifest and others may not be for us.

Contrasting ideas emerge, one of a hip urban scene, one of a deeply peaceful ashram.

An ultra eco-modern space: studio, juice/tea bar. Nourish your body with pure water, herbal/decaf teas and select fresh juices, including wheat grass.
Sanctuary~ Maybe private relaxation rooms, available to visit anytime during hours for 30, 60 or 90 minutes of relaxing music or silence, meditation or chanting, asanas- as you wish. Just an inspiring space for you to use freely to enhance your wellbeing.
Retreat~ Maybe one guest room for private retreats...
Comfort~ soft, embracing furniture in the lobby, a hammock on the porch.

PEACE~ a meditation garden with herbs and flowers, a small pond, a little path to walk, stones or benches to sit on, communing with nature for healing and relaxation.

Energy~ Friday night Kirtans, morning, day and evening practices, even weekends. Workshops for deepening your practice physically, mentally & spiritually and using creativity as meditation.

While staying in the heart of Amsterdam is best, at least for the forseeable future, inspired by the founders of Jivamukti Yoga, I hope to buy forest lands in the name of the studio to create forever wild spaces of sanctuary for all life.

Being green and clean is a major goal as well~ solar lights outside, solar panels, led lights, minimal energy use, conserving water, no chemicals, composting/repurposing/recycling be close to zero waste...
What would the perfect yoga sanctuary in the city be like for you? Please feel free to share your feedback, it is so dear to me!
Dedicated to the inspiration, freedom and deepest joy of all~ namaste

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