Friday, July 8, 2011

Living in your fullest potential is possible, you just have to do it

Many of us judge ourselves so harshly, and idolized the achievements of others, so we often feel paralyzed before the seemingly monumental task of self-improvement. Perhaps though, if we start by thinking of it as organizing and clearing our lives of all that is unnecessary, cluttering and superfluously burdensome, so that our essence can shine through, we will have the courage to start.
From the Eastern perspective, we are not broken needing to be fixed, we are whole + holy, waiting to be unburied and rediscovered like a lost treasure. Our essential nature is buried under a lifetime of conditioned thinking, the whims of the ego and society crushing our ability to just be.

We have only to do the work of regular meditation, and begin cultivating ways of eating and living that brings us inspiration, lightness and freedom. But we really have to do it. It is as many have said- drop by drop the bucket is filled. Begin by follow the desires of the spiritual-heart, not the ego. We all want happiness, health and freedom from suffering. So takes steps according to your energy and lifestyle each day to manifest that freedom. And that is it! One step at a time, the greatest potential is revealed!

Stay on track by attending yoga classes with a group, to benefit from the group energy. Know that others are on similar paths. It isn't always easy, but its always worthwhile.

Step by step, you will climb. Life is too short to sit around unwell and complaining about what you should've done or being too afraid to start what you know you need to for your own sake. To free yourself is to free others around you too. Namaste!

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