Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Life Fully Lived

Life Fully Lived
by Laura Harrison

What have I to lose
by believing in you?

Nothing can ever exist
if we always resist
but by taking a risk
we have everything to gain

life will always be the same
and we will suffer and slowly die
secret desires and beauties lie  
locked in the basement
and our love becomes heavy with resentment
if we never really live.

I will give
you this chance to win my heart
and this very well could be the start
or just another paragraph in the story
but we will never find the glory
if we always just stay home
we need to roam
out of our comfort zone

with hearts and minds closed
nothing real
nothing as its supposed or possible to be
no energy
but with hearts and minds open
life will often betray our hoping
but by delivering things more exquisite and surreal
more blissful then we thought we'd feel

you'll never regret a life fully lived.

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