Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Love Fed By Beauty

Love Fed By Beauty
by Laura Harrison

Love isn't as hard to figure outas we imagine
But Love isn't as simple as we're told

We're told it's gold, it's rare, that there's only so much,
so never let it out of your touch,
clench the source of your love with bitter, white-knuckled grip,
don't let it slip, breathe, fly, or be free,
because if it does there is no hope to ever be happy.

We aren't shown that its abundant, natural and free,
we aren't told love is the deeper current of reality.

We're told it only comes from ties of blood or sex,
and very special exceptions.


What vicious views that are so cold, so bold,
to try and limit something infinitely renewable,
to make us feel that its scarce.

They'll tell you, if they sell you just the right stuff,
that the love you chase will come.
That's dumb,
yet so many of us fall for it,
under the thumb,
of owning things that come to own us,
while disowning the beauty in the present moment.

Love is a state of mind, a feeling that you find,
in your OWN heart.

Seeing others in love shouldn't grate on you,
when you are in love do you enjoy when others hate on you?

Start to hope,
because love is everywhere and love is within.
And when you see the people, the places, the things as
not sources,
you begin to unravel the mystery of love,
and let it plot your courses.

Don't try to disect, to label, to catergorize,
and place your experience neatly in a box.
Thinking sanitizes it for your protection,
but is the death of the depth of life and love.

open yourself,
throw away fear, and start to see love
to you
and  through you~

love fed by the freshness of all beauty and bliss,
sprouting in every smile,
in every living thing.

To the neighsayers say nothing,
don't waste your breath,
put your finger to your lips and with a hush
and sweeping motion,
direct their doubtful gaze to the ocean of living beauty
that is the world.

If they don't get it, let the jackals fend for themselves,
don't let it crush the tender flower of your joy,
we the ripe ones will revel,
let each come to his own level.

love is NOT scarce,
love is not coming from others
viewed as objects and crutches,
and patches and drugs...

Love comes from acknowledging the unique spark of life
in bugs, plants and trees,
in people, animals, music and art,
and in all forms and faces of reality.

Love is in the seeing,

Love is fed by beauty

Love is everywhere,
in feeling everything.

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