Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Revel in This Moment

Revel in This Moment
by Laura Harrison

Let go of all this thinking and knowing,
life is a flowing,
a showing.

Habits are residential,
but not essential,
they are not
look far.
deeper to see,
to feel,
your frequency...


re-invention without convention


life happens in endless cycling
re-incarnation is recycling
and vice versa
open your eye
life is diverser,
first appearances deceive,
open up to receive

lose yourself to find your Self again,
and again,
only you're always evolving,
though in your revolving,
you never find the same self twice..

..take my advice:

stop trying so hard to uphold
all the expectations of old
being yourself requires being bold

you aren't hurting others by being real
the only ones you'll anger are those yet afraid to feel
half as free
as you
allow yourself to be

being free is the name of the game
being yourself is not a shame

you have no one but yourself to blame
if you aren't happy in your daily life

compassion only grows when you are brave enough to live your truth
to rise to every occaision
to offer the standing ovation
to recognize that another's strength is NOT your weakness
is to let the beauty of others make you more beautiful

be dutiful to the truth of your own heart

stop thinking!
Love, creativity, beauty, the magical things in life are never logical
cannot be contained
in the little mind

so expand
    let go
       open wide
          like the sky

     and revel is this moment in your own way,
and revel is this moment in your own way,
          and revel is this moment in your own way.....

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