Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beauty is in the (Mind's) Eye of the Beholder

What you see in the mirror is NOT solid and fixed and accurate, but distorted by the perception of your mind (and quality of glass and light).

What you feel is what you will see..

If you feel off, sad, angry, or otherwise heavy or imbalanced, you will appear ugly to yourself.

If your mind is balanced and energy light and joyful, you will appear beautiful.

So don't live and die by the mirror.. Remember yet again to get out of your thoughts and into how you feel.. And if its a rough day, make wise choices to drink plenty of water, eat healthy lightness and energy promoting raw vegan foods, get plenty of rest and indulge in self-care.

Get out, move, walk, do yoga classes, and breathe deeply. Breathe, feel, and let it all go, moment to moment, find the fun, the sweetness in each day, and focus on gratitude..

Find a way to do something kind: volunteer, do random acts of kindness, or reach out and listen to someone who is lonely.. Give genuine encouragement to someone for their beauty, kindness, goodness, strength.. Doing good for others brings out our beauty and makes us feel good in every way.

Follow those ideas, and you will cultivate beauty from the inside out.

And ThAT will show!

Love and Blessings!~ Laura
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