Friday, February 8, 2013

Happiness Seems Far when We're Worn Out

When I am exhausted, I have such a hard time accepting the moment as it is. When I am worn out, I look in the mirror and don't see my beauty or energy. It is as if when we are worn down, our love, our spirit, seems further from the body.

I have to remember, I hope you'll remember, not to focus on the low feelings, but instead to pay attention to nourish yourself.. When I feel like this I can easily get upset about what I don't have, a sweetheart, and lose touch with the amazing beauty of my life. What nourishes me is to be present, and genuine with my own heart, which is kind and loving and good. I exist to give and receive love, and hold a mirror up to others and show them their greatest potential and exquisite importance. If I am worn out, I cannot be in touch with that place of light and love and peace which I need to move from in this life. And when I return to that center, I feel the incredible rightness, or know what to do to restore that rightness within.

So don't stress being stressed. Don't worry yourself sick about being sick. Let reality be. Reality may be that you need to stop and change your plans to take care of yourself. Giving yourself to this brings peace back. Make amends with your limits. Understand that if happiness feels distant, you require nourishment, in body, heart, energy, mind, or all. Let the urge determine the cure.. Rest if you are tired, reach out to a positive loved one when you need love.. And don't get stuck in your low feelings. One of the surest cures is to do something kind for another, whomever the universe gives you the chance to help. This will bring the love back where it needs to be and help your light to shine.

This too shall pass...
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