Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How Art Develops Our Intuition

Even for those that don't consider themselves artistic, creative expression is important. While this can come in any number of diverse but equal forms; such as listening to or creating music, dancing, visual arts, writing, and infinite other forms, visual expression is the pathway upon which I'd like to reflect.

All forms of creative expression balance the second and third chakras especially, but all the root chakras, making the heart chakra more accessible and apt to open and balance, and thus effecting all the upper chakras. My purpose for writing is to share the insight that there is a strong link between visual art and intuition.

Intuition is a connection to the universal energy field, and this is accomplished through the right hemisphere of the brain, which among other qualities, utilizes pictures, visualizations, as opposed to language. The left hemisphere of the brain is the chatterbox thought-stream. All of the mediums I know receive their information mostly by images, and then key words arise. The images evoke feelings, and the description and messages comes from the impression both visually and emotionally that arise from the images.

When a person desires to draw, or rearrange the house, or do any other visually creative act, an image arises in the mind. For most is appears in fast flashes, we don't try to hold it there or to describe it. We follow the feeling left behind by that image, and unconsciously try to make our project feel the same way as the image we saw and felt.

I have seen that the more years I practice yoga and meditation, my intuition is becoming much stronger.. I am aware of these images, I can recall them, hold them in my mind's eye longer, and I can use them to follow my intuition in small and large choice each day, which is giving me an incredible level of ambient peace, happiness, health, and wholeness.

A daily example, when something is misplaced.. If I take a few breaths and clear my mind, I will almost invariably get an image of where to look, accompanied by a feeling of the space where it is.. Sometimes if the item isn't in the same building I'll draw a blank.

I use that to make any choices and to guide myself in any form of visual or material choices.. From what to eat, what to wear, to where to go on a day off, or what to do in general. And like anything else, the more you practice, the better it gets. The connection becomes clearer and more useful.

In a similar way, just by feeling, I practice using my intuition in non-visual choices, such as how to carry myself, how I am evolving in the way I speak, act, and think internally, and especially externally, as I express myself in the world. How you feel inside is one thing, but unless your thoughts, words, and actions outside of you reflect harmoniously the inner beauty of your soul, you will not have wholeness, nor will you feel you have reached your true potential.

And the more I make choices and act in harmony with the sense of inner rightness and freedom, the more my visual intuition becomes apparent in these situations. Reflect on the images in your mind that inspire you. The images within you that make you feel happy, confident, light, free, strong, excited in joy.. Those are the images to use as navigation points. Try writing about them in a journal or "visiting" with them in meditation.

We all have images that are dark, scary, violent, or fearful. These are like debris: they are fears, they are things we've taken in from movies, TV, repeats of bad energy and experiences we've absorbed. Don't ignore them totally, but don't give them any importance or press-time. Witness them, see them as "not me". Just passing through. Let them go. That's it. Breathe, witness, let go.

Whatever vibrational frequency we spend most of our time embodying, THAT is what you attract into your life. So the more frequently you can navigate your life by your inner sense of rightness, the more peace you will have, and the stronger the feelings of joy, fulfilment, inspiration, peace, health, and true happiness you will have... And the more you have those feelings, the more you will call them into your life again and again.

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