Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life is Lived in the In-between

This world of form is based on the clashing and dynamic balancing of all opposing forces..

Yet we can't seem to accept being in the middle... Or the constant currents of flow between the extremes which seeks to create the homeostatic balance.

We are all or nothing, 
We are obsessing or avoiding,
We are dogmatic or have no boundaries, 
We are all negative & hopeless or positive in a way that doesn't accept pain or suffering, 
We are extroverts or introverts,
We are lethargic or in constant activity...

There's no room for in between in our culture, but it is the In between where we exist, and where the balance that provides freedom and authenticity is found.

We are not the labels, we are not the ideas, we are not the rules...

We are fabulous shades of gray in between all extremes. Life is lived beyond all containers and labels and concepts. All of that is trying to point you to your actual experience. 

Get out of your head and the narration  of your experience and come back to your senses, open your eyes and throw down the adjectives and throw open your arms and breathe... Finally you are alive.

Thankfully life forgives us endlessly for forgetting to be here, and is always available to is when we wake up again. Wake up. Discard your ideas of life and just live; raw, purely and honestly from your heart.

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