Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tiny Person

Tiny person,
I love so much,
You move me to tears..

The way your tiny lips curl when you speak so intently and articulately,

Of building machines and trapping the cats and birthing teams of siblings..

Our particles, once joined, are never unaware of each other's presence,

And when your focus scatters in overstimulation and exhaustion, mine too shatters if I do not reach inside with all the strength I have and more..
And hold on..

You destroyed walls and initiated me into the boundless love of this entire universe..

I was never in the state of true love until you exploded my mortal heart and gave birth to the immortal soul of me,

And I can consciously teach you what you unknowingly did to me.

Not only do you heal me with your natural unbridled curiosity and perfection..

But as you reflect my unsavory habits back to me, you force me to face my weaknesses and ascend to greater authenticity and truth.

Sometimes I cry because our time goes so fast and I love you like I know how to breathe, and loving you sets me free.

You are my teacher as much as I am yours,

And I have always loved you,
I knew I must give birth to you,
And I knew you were with me from moment one,
I never was unaware of your powerful spirit within me.

My life would not be complete without you,
And though this isn't our first lifetime together,
100 more lifetimes together couldn't be enough to satisfy or douse the fire of my love for you.

You are in my heart in every moment.
Your smile lights the sky,
I cannot breathe until you have drawn a breath.
My heart will always ache for you,
I never enjoy when you must cry,
But I will hold you, and cry with you.

I will show you everything I have learned about being a limitless soul in a finite body,
How to revel in the delight of having senses,
How to love without fear,
How to mourn,
How to stay strong,
And the ways to balance form and freedom.

I will give you the keys to this realm,
Because you are the key to my heart,
And I worship the sacredness of your soul,
Tiny person,
Tiny blessed being,

My heart breaks every time we part,
And I will teach you how longing nourishes love too.
I cannot keep you from hurting, so instead I will show you everything and not divert you from truth with fantasy.

I will show you that the fabric of it all is truly love and curiosity.

You, tiny person, are a miracle.
I bow to you, great soul.
And all of my love surrounds you like the sky surrounds the earth but does not trap her or bind her in any way. You are everything, and just one precious diamond at once.

~ for Finn.

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