Friday, March 7, 2014

Reverential Playtime

So the trick is that every moment counts, not just when others are watching. There is no practice run, this is your life. This is all sacred, Spirit doesn't just live in a special building. You can't hide from the truth of your choices in any moment and they will create your life. Make the best choices you can with the cards that you are dealt.

And never forget, in every moment, your challenge is to worship this life, the Divine spark that is the light in every pair of eyes you see, the light of the sun.. It's ALL Sacred.. And at the same time, with your walls up, your fear & rigidity, what favors do you do the world? With your rules and regulations binding your energy ever tighter.. You constrict, negate, and destroy everything that is naturally you. It is your joy and appreciation of the beauty everywhere, in your child-like laughter and unbridled loving delight, in fearlessly loving without considering risk or possible loss that we are truly alive. 

You aren't here to be a worker drone. 

You are here to do what makes your soul shine and heart burst in inspiration. Every time, that is your truth. 

Sacred and light-hearted, you are changing the vibration of this world. We need more love, honesty, generosity, respect, and creativity. Bring it. Be it. 

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