Friday, March 12, 2010

Capitalism: A love story

Michael Moore at this point in his career, really knows how to break down a topic to nakedly expose it for what it is in an enjoyable film format. I say enjoyable, because his films are very watchable in the sense that they are engaging, the pacing is good, etc. His films are also exposing painful grievences in our society, & some pretty righteous bones to be picked. When we realize not only how self-serving, corrupt & heartless the big corporations that feed us & clothe us are, but that they hold practically all of the clout in our political system, its stirs an indignant disgust. However, what is beautifully yogic, is that the solution to opting out of that system is the same as healing our Earth, mending our communities and local economies, and protecting our family's health with good nutrition. Buy based on informed decisions, genuine need, and seek the most locally-sourced & produced options available. Seek socially & environmentally responsible options. Try to support the local economy, & adopt a resource conserving mindset- repurpose & be, well, resourceful. PLEASE SEE THIS FILM AND FOR EVEN BIGGER IMPACT, FOLLOW UP WITH MICHAEL POLLAN'S BOOK: The Omnivore's Dilemma.

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