Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the local green market scene

We had an amazing shopping experience at the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market on north main street in Gloversville, across from the Glove Theater. If you live & or work to the west of Amsterdam I highly recommend buying your animal products here if you can't get them at the farmer's market. The manager very strongly focuses on the local scene. Very good selection, especially for the size. All items emphasive local sourcing, including the bulk grains, produce & baked goods. Best all-purpose green grocery store in the west. You can get nearly everything there, and Chris is enthusiastic to show you around & tell you where everything comes from!

In Amsterdam, Down To Earth has been the natural foods store for around 30 years. Dave is always kind, eager to special order & go out of his way for his customers. Especially great source for herbal tinctures, teas, homeopathic remedies, essential oils & bulk grains/beans. Also a source for Amsterdam's own Rullison Honey & Adirondack Maple Syrup from Fonda. Dave carries lots of supplements as well. If you are ever in need of a natural remedy for what ails you, ask Dave, and he'll have something good (and all-natural)on the shelf to suggest.

If you are east of Amsterdam, the Schenectady indoor farmers market is on
Sundays from 10-2 in the arcade/coffee area of Proctor's. Its not just food, but live music & more!

For the rest of the week & for those that live &/or work in Albany, the Honest Weight Food Coop is the largest, best stocked & labeled place around. You can get local animal products & a vast selection of health & beauty,medicinal & food items there. Prepare to be awed by the vast selection, helpful staff and buzzing community feel. It's a great big city co-op. Best all-in-one green grocery store in the east!

If you live and or work in Saratoga, on Phila Street, kiddie corner from Ben & Jerry's, Four Season's is a buzzing health-food store with some local selection, a microcosm sort of grocery/herbal selection, and a killer cafe. You simply must eat from their glorious fresh buffet of vegetarian delights, enough to healthfully satisfy any appetite. This is our number one place to eat in Saratoga, hands down. Their vegan smoothie is SO good, a refreshing Summer dessert, perfect to share with a friend!

Besides growing our own & farmer's markets in season, we get 99% of everything else from Down To Earth and Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market and we're always satisfied.

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