Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mindfulness: this is not just a test

I'm testing how to enter a blog from my phone. I may as well make it
useful too. I've wanted to discus mindfulness, or more the lack thereof. If we
don't practice yoga or meditation regularly our minds are often fully
disconnected from our actual experience. Even with my son, the most
beautiful thing in my life, if I'm not mindful, my mind scoots into
future possibilities or rehashes previous experiences. I'm no longer
really seeing him well, my senses are dulled a bit, and time moves
painfully fast. With a deep breath I'm back, I'm really seeing,
hearing & feeling him again. I feel more relaxed, I'm savoring him
again. Mindfulness isn't just some new-age
lingo, something unique to the yoga class & seperate from ordinary
reality. Mindfulness is a powerful tool by which we transform our
mundane experiences to delightful ones, our cherished experiences to
sublime ones, and even uncomfortable or painful experiences to
spiritual growth. namaste.

mindfulness, meditation, yoga & dance

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