Friday, March 12, 2010

More about Capitalism: A love story & why you must watch it

It was such a powerful film I must say more to urge you to see it. IT MOVED ME TO TEARS. It explains so clearly what is absolutely abysmal in our society, but also what can be done to overcome it. Capitalism is not part of our constitution, nor is it what the founding fathers wanted for us or why patriots laid down their lives to give birth to our nation. DEMOCRACY is, & it is based on equal power for every individual, not an elitist class structure where the rich brutalize, victimize & scavenge the corpses of the middle class & poor. Please watch this movie & pass on the word. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE FILM INCLUDE: a thorough explanation of the bail-out scam, the Trody family of Miami taking back their home from the bank, the triumphant sit-down of the workers of Republic Doors & Windows, FDR's proposed second bill of rights which would have given us the rights to universal healthcare, adequate retirement, paid vacation, adequate wages & pension, universal college, a livable wage & affordable housing back in 1947. Quotes from the credits include: "I sincerely believe...banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." -Thomas Jefferson 1816 & "It's class warfare, my class is winning, but they shouldn't be." -Warren Buffett (world's richest man, 2007) Also find out what a "dead peasant policy" is, & if your boss has one on you. Not only can our daily choices & support of a localized economy help erradicate this terrible tyranny, but the gumption to stand up (or sit-down in some cases) for what is right in the true herritage of our founding fathers, the women's suffrage & civil rights movements and everything we value as moral. This is not lofty talk, this is our responsibility as citizens of this country, to keep the power equally distributed & protect ourselves & other from violations of our most basic rights. PLEASE SEE THIS FILM! Namaste. Next documentary on my list ASAP Food Inc. Please beat me to it. Very soon I'll reveiw The Omnivore's Dilemma, which I have read & highly recommend, which is in a similar note as Food Inc.

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