Saturday, January 4, 2014

Come To Me

I feel you even though I don't know you
Like a whisper is the breeze
Concealed by more conscious forces
With which I've been introduced
But you're just as true

I feel your existence and know you will make an entrance
Though I don't know how or when
But I know perhaps where
And that you will enter

Like the sliver of the moon
I feel you
And I cannot sleep
With such brilliance about
I feel you growing near
Like the moon grows full
I have no doubt
In your existence
I offer no resistance

Several have had the chance
To be where you will be
But I have a strong feeling that
You will be the one that doesn't fail me

There comes a time
When we meet our match
And I am woman enough to let you chase me
And if you are worthy, I'll let you catch
When I fall
If you are worthy, you will catch me

I'm happy without you
But I feel you everyday, everywhere
And I can already imagine
The feeling, the way, your awe-inflicted stare

you will peruse me
Convince me
Make me fall
Make me see

God knows I will not settle
And I will not stand
For less than I deserve
Find me, take my hand

Be brave and bold
Unafraid of deep love
Or at least man enough
To tell me your fears as well as that of which you dream

If you do not feel breathlessly
That I am everything
You could wish for or want
Then you are not he

If you do not lose yourself
When you look in my eyes
If you do not fall hopelessly
Enchantingly effervescently
In love
Do not apply
You cannot be the guy

You must love me unimaginably
Beyond all fears
Feel that I am the most fascinating gorgeous graceful flower
Upon the face of this earth
Or else this is not what we deserve
We are all of that worth

And I promise
O sir, of unbelievable charm
Your precious heart
In my hands
Won't come to harm

You must challenge me
Allow me to grow
Let your endless love and appreciation show
And remain a free man
Of his own independent choices and strength
And I will love you unfathomably
Intimately and at length
You and I will be as free people
Living their truth as they see
And choosing
In freedom
Each other tenderly
I will appreciate you
Treat you as a king
Tell you only truth
Reflect to you your greatness
And give you everything
I have to give
Mind, body and soul
My truth
Will be
Loving you boundlessly
My life is my spiritual journey
And my spiritual journey
Is to love
Above all else
to Love

I don't know you yet
We haven't met
But I feel you already
Wherever you are
Come to me

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