Friday, January 17, 2014

Revealed By The Light Of the Moon

Pretty lady, full moon
Keeping me awake
Intensity, immensity,
That I can hardly take!
Was it your design,
To leave behind,
New feelings in your wake?

Can be misery
Or far better
To Correlate.
Seeing Patterns liberates,
Consciousness Consecrates,
Understanding provides relief.

Full moon, mother,
You bring powerful sleepless nights,
And fight your wisdom,
I will not.

I am not in the practice of fighting the tides...
And full moon lady I will not hide.

Wake me out of a sound night's sleep,
Reminding me of promises that I shall keep,
Shining light on the places dark and deep,
Moon mother stir my soul.

Pretty lady, full moon
Silent sage,
Inspire, conspire,
Sweet dewey light.
What you reveal,
Day can no longer conceal,
Tell me it was always your plan!?

Once we look inside..
We can no longer hide..
From what is revealed by the light of the moon.

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