Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meet Me In Between

My brain and body have finally
Caught up to my soul
Which has loved you
I suspect always
And has even caused the symptoms
Of love
Which I did not see
Until my brain was ready

I already know that I love you
With all of me
So slowly
Show me
All of the causes
For my love
And manifestations
Of that soul
I so love
As it trickles through the facets of your mind and form

Quiet still nights
With the echoes of trains
Let the others sleep
Let them have their normality
As we cannot settle for that

And I will meet you in the center
Of everything
As you are of the night
And I of the day
We are just the same,
And of complimentary
Corresponding colors,
The same and yet not at all
Yet brighter
Than ever

Somehow I breathe easier
Stand taller
Dance lighter of foot
Smile brighter
Love deeper
Sing truer
I am simply more alive
Because of you

And we will meet in the center
Of ourselves and all opposites

I was whole without you
I found boundless joy and was alive all alone
Just the sky and I
But the sky couldn't hold me
The trees couldn't speak
And your mind is as fascinating as the stars
And as ancient

So let me unfold you
And see me
As soul
Dancing in the kitchen
Soul upholding
Physical form
Your chef
And sweet goddess

And let me see you
And how you work
In the world of form
Let me know this soul
I already love so

And I will give you all of me
When I meet you in the center
The Inbetween
The balance of all opposites,
Dawn and dusk
After all,
You are a libra
And I am the flowing, never-ending waters
Of love and enraptured synchronicity

And I love you
From far beyond just me
Meet me
Sweet love
In between.

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