Friday, January 17, 2014


Consider now, sweet one,

What is it that you truly want?

What life do you feel fit for,

What life is truly yours, worthy of your soul?


What do you feel, when you close your eyes?

What do you truly desire?

What pulls at your soul like gravity,
And sends tremors to your bones?

What pulls at you, like your heart will burst out?

What excites you, rouses you from a dead sleep, with lightning coursing through your veins?

That which sustains
Is not so much the sustenance of food
But the ambrosia of love and inspiration...

Life is worthless without love,
Without creativity,
Without the dance of energies,
Without synchronicity...

No fortune can buy true inner peace.


So what can you not live without?

What tears at your heart, makes you brave enough to banish doubt?

What makes you love so passionately that risk is undaunting?


Prayer is not the cardboard, faithless lip-service most pay

But the feelings you allow to play

Within your own heart and mind

So if you fear freedom,
Fear success,
That is the life you'll find.


Prayer is not the words you speak,

But the passions you seek

Through the visceral feelings you keep.

Mind the feelings you allow to permeate

Don't allow those that deviate

From the reality you seek to create.


Fears, deprived of your energy, will begin to dissipate

So mind what you provide harbor,

It will become your home.

Feel the full passion of your inspirations,

Build your life upon that foundation.

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