Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Finally Seen

Old lady moon, won't you lend me your ear??

I'm dying,
I'm dying!
My old life's disappeared-

And I'll tell you the truth, I carry no fear...

I'm floating,
I'm floating.
Become atmosphere.

I spent my life knowing that I was just a star on ground,

I'm shining,
I'm shining.
But no one's around.

If nobody watches and you never feel found,

I'm beautiful,
Does it still make a sound??

Now old lady moon, I never grew numb...

I'm vibrant,
I'm vibrant.
Refuse to succumb.

I danced and I flitted, and stayed true to me,

I'm happy,
I'm happy,
And totally free.

But sometimes is cry in my pillow at night,

I'm longing,
I'm longing,
To share this sweet light.

I'm seen from the outside and pieces are known,

I'm intricate,
Deeper than shown.

I'm a quiet kind of beauty not readily seen,

The unconscious,
Can't appreciate me.

I'm not living a life from the physical side,

I'm starlight,
Just starlight
On a physical ride.

I love my own magic and make my sun,

Life is my fun.

But old mother moon, I know that's it's natural to be paired,

Is More complete when it's shared.

But I couldn't dispense with myself to
Less worthy man,

Can't settle,
Won't settle,
For less than I am.

An equal of mine must be an extraordinary sight,

A diamond,
A diamond,
Radiates his own light.

And such an exceptional one must be rare to sure,

Sheer genius
& A heart that is pure.


Now grandmother moon I thought it'd take years,
But I felt him coming and pushed past my fears,
I purified my energy and cried many tears,
And all of a sudden it seems he's appeared.


So now grandmother moon you've revealed him to me,

Grateful eternally.

I began a new life and now he is here,

I've died to
Died to it
All's disappeared

Finally the life that I have is the one I create

I'm blooming
I'm flying
And no longer wait.

My life is my own and based on my soul

I'm honest
I'm honest
Refused to fit into the mold


My intricate radiance isn't wasted on he

I'm treasured
I'm treasured
And finally seen

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