Sunday, November 25, 2012

Almost Out to Sea

Almost Out to Sea
By Laura Harrison

Although I'm blessed
I must confess
At times it depresses me
To be so misunderstood..

Sometimes I am so... Very... Lonely.

It messes me up
That I should put my passion on the shelf
That I can't fully be myself

Because others resign
To ignore the beautiful signs
To live like they've died
To hate themselves and hide
From the intensity
Of Reality

It can be lonely
To be the only
Person who refuses
To give up true freedom

Self- consciousness and



And if you give in to them
You will decay
Long before your day

I just wish people wouldn't throw me away

I know that I don't follow status quo
And I never,

And my life is magnificent

Because I am so full of love and generosity


Its just sometimes that when it washes over me,
It almost carries me out to sea.

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