Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Fullness of the Sun

The Fullness of the Sun
By Laura Harrison

I'm hard-wired to care
It is just who I am
In fact I've built a career
Of destroying people's fear
And loving them to help them grow

I will show you that you are
Everything wonderful
you've ever admired
And how to manifest all
That you have desired...
For your life.

Unconditional Love is all I am,
I am playful passion,
Empathy and compassion,
All in one, fun little form.

I shine the fullness of the sun
Onto any form of beauty I see-

Be it art, or a human heart..
A song, a rock, a tree
I will love it unconditionally,
And passionately...

I live and die by Truth, Love and creativity.
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