Tuesday, November 13, 2012

At Peace With the Unknown

At Peace with the Unknown

Laura Harrison

I am torn, broken down, tormented,

my pathway.. unrelented..

beaten into letting go,     of ideas   of knowing

..the wear and fatigue are showing

I cannot know how life will go.

Just pick a direction, and trust the flow
and know
          that if you listen to your heart

every single moment is your fresh start.

although we are constantly gushing

into a great unknown..

it isn't aimless, it isn't cruel-

in fact,    it's creating

a fairy-tale through you,    the story

of your purpose,

your bliss,

of all,

past lifetimes,

creating This.

Dive through your passion,
live your purpose,
be bold

color it with compassion,
Let go of the old

 of life.

The unknown is alright, and its al that we know.

Following our bliss, we all learn as we go.

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