Monday, November 26, 2012

Sacred Ecstacy

Sacred Ecstacy
by Laura Harrison

Nature carresses and undresses me with her breeze.

To taste this living air as I breathe,

I dissolve all heaviness of form and once again remember Self as light.

And all is right.

I will not fight, I will expand,

weightlessly like the blue sky to swallow all sensation-

sadness and pain; and happiness, all the same.

I will expand, saying yes to life,

the way I gracefully expand to let my lover inside of me.

The ecstacy of being free,

The pure bliss of Spirituality,

Shining love through my body,

Serving others whole-heartedly,

and when he makes love to me.......

          all is one

                  one journey home.

Be it through Nature, Love, or Generosity,

It is but one sacred ecstasy.

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