Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel
By Laura Harrison

Watch emotions come and go, Oh!
Just like a storm, they blow in,
So swiftly, ravage your peace,and set you drifting.

They never cease.

And some can clearly show you your truth.
Still others point to indigestion,
Or fatigue,
More then your future.

If you hold them tightly you'll get burned,
Yet If you learn to use them rightly you'll soar,
If you let them blow you everywhere,
You'll be scattered,
If you let them crush you you'll be shattered,
If you share them where they aren't welcomed you'll feel battered..

Don't get me wrong, emotions run strong, and its best to stay humble, open,
Honest, hoping,
loving and true.

To develop a view
Of gratitude
Is perhaps the best attitude.

Don't reject your feelings, feel them,

But don't let the negative ones ravage you.

Stay confident, the sun will shine.

Storms are sure to pass, and you will be more
Then fine.

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