Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Live Vividly

Live Vividly

Laura Harrison

My pen keeps breaking,
hands shaking,
heart like sand giving itself to the sea-
giving myself to destiny.

Let the love shine through your eyes,
throw off your burdonsome disguise
it's time to live vividly

It's time to give yourself to destiny.

Why cover your greatness with conformity?
The time has come to be truly free

I feel your longing.
I hear the song.
I've walked this path.
I know it's long.

I'm getting closer to the light,
don't fight

Open your Soul and swallow it all
Agony and ecstacy, are part of the same thing, you see

Sexuality and spirituality
Synchronicity and Serendipity

You are the merging of ALL

tempered by time and space
and the choices you make.

Take it all in-
You are here to be the only you that is..

the time is short..
fight no more,
the present moment knocks,
open the door.

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