Saturday, June 14, 2014

Irresponsible Empathy

Empathy is a beautiful thing

Unless one uses it as an excuse to avoid blossoming

We cannot take another's load
No matter how hard we try
Because if we do
We are causing them to die
If we do we are to deny
Them their opportunity
To grow
And to become fully

And if we

Try to enable them to remain in the cocoon

We take their suffering on as our own

And feel noble

In our voluntary misery

For it is a convenient way for us to avoid our own opportunities

For growth
To achieve that freedom
We covet and theorize upon

But to walk it is another thing entirely
Ever so frightening
Sort of like walking naked on the street
The Ultimate vulnerability
And Test of inner security

And it is much easier to hide in our room and brood
About the burden our friends and family face
And will not grow into

Isn't it so true?

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