Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Power of Perception

Bottomline, it is about perception... When we are stuck in our ego/untrained left brain, we see everything as a threat to our worthiness, an assault to our peace, an affront to our rights.. But that part of us thrives on being riled, on being insulted, on being sad or mad; because that part of us uses the intensity of emotion to prove to itself that it is alive or worthwhile. 

We slowly can break that addiction to drama and disappointment, by practicing yoga/meditation and seeing that we are worthwhile because we are who we are.. We can redirect the energy that is tragedy-loving and teach ourselves to see the beauty of our own heart even when we are not in disaster mode. 

We can teach ourselves to accept the highs and lows, the mellow in betweens, and the desired and undesired experiences of reality, because they are the truth.

And after accepting reality because it is fact, we can empower ourselves to live a life of authenticity.. If you don't feel good about who you are, then you need to explore who you are, unfold and honor your unique passions and talents, and put your every thought and action into alignment with your true heart. If you admire a quality in another it would dare be jealous of it, it is almost certainly a dormant piece of yourself that you simply haven't allowed yourself to fulfill yet. You are as amazing as your mind can imagine.. If you can stop limiting yourself by your old habits and past experiences.

Finally, derive your energy and information primarily from the sensations and emotions generated by each present moment. Like an artist drawing from observation, your experience of reality becomes distorted in direct proportion to how long it's been since you've really stopped and checked in with the present moment. The more often you shift your view to touch the current experience in your body, senses and heart, the more accurate your experience of reality will be.

All of these factors and practices will help you to reduce your suffering and increase your peace, satisfaction, and happiness in every day of your life. 

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