Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yoga Therapy to Heal Trauma Wounds

White Dove Yoga Therapy~ I have new techniques for dealing with trauma. We have all grown up in a world with a lot of harsh, third density energy. We all have experienced traumatic situations, and most of us carry wounds within us from these experiences.

These wounds prevent us from living fully, from loving ourselves, from being able to give and receive the love we desire in our lives, from being able to be completely happy and authentic and being able to move out of looping patterns of stunted growth or self-destruction. 

Trauma, by my definition, is an experience that was a complete shock to our mental, emotional and physical being, that suddenly and violently shattered our comfort, well-being and peace within. It's descent upon us is so abrupt and it's nature is so painful, that if not healed properly, anytime we encounter another experience that for even one moment is reminiscent of the original trauma, our body relives the entire experience as if it were happening again. (PTSD as they call it).

Our soul/consciousness is always on board with what we are experiencing in real time. Our emotions respond and process the experience next, then the mind grips it, acknowledges it and makes sense of it or at least accepts that it was/is reality, and the body is the last to process the trauma.

The energy moves from the most subtle to the most dense layer of our being. Most people only go so far as to heal the wounds emotionally and mentally, but because they haven't released somatically, the remnants are still in the body and triggered over and over again.. (PTSD), and when triggered in the body, the mental and emotional responses are triggered, because the entire trauma process is triggered again.

Trauma can come from any sort of shocking painful experience. Obviously, participating in and witnessing the graphic human suffering of war, death, and any form of physical violence is a form of trauma, but we don't realize that emotional abuse also is a major trauma. Loss of a loved one to death, or loss of a powerful relationship, are also sources of trauma. Anything that creates a trauma response and cycle within, is trauma. You can't judge your traumas, because merely by the fact that you have a trauma response it is proven to exist.

My recent developments in yoga therapy are profound responses to finally being able to heal physical remnants within myself of traumas long-since healed at every other level. I also applied the new yoga therapy to a brand new trauma with amazing results. A combination of weekly group class practice, private yoga therapy, and home application of the yoga therapy techniques will eventually cure your PTSD or prevent PTSD from setting in by efficiently healing the wound. You can and will heal the wounds within you. Stop owning them as part of your identity and see them as history. Something you can be free from, like a cold or flu. Give them no more power than they need to have. 

You can be free! You can live fully!!

I am honored and ready to help! For more info, please reach out! <3

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