Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Must Leave Home

If everything I feel is pulling something closer to me

I need to get better at feeling everything

I need to force myself to not stop seeing

That I'm just as beautiful as I ever dreamed

If everything feel is a prayer of desire

I need to push myself to aim a little higher

I need to remember that my brain is often a liar

I need to remind myself to breathe & just watch it transpire

If your whole life is a movie

You ought to know

That no one is editing

And sometimes the going is slow

You have to sit in that space of intensity

And it isn't just a cut scene but a month or three

Otherwise keep your chin held high and smile steady

Because you are the author of your own autobiography

You can't manifest anything if you never leave home

If you're always alone

But trust your heart and do what you will

And you have to learn how to play with the factors of acceptance and free-will

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