Sunday, June 22, 2014

Transformation Is More Than Possible

"Breathing the air in this moment is one of the freshest, most vibrant and delightful sensations I've ever experienced.. "

~fully present, completely alive~ 

~the emotions are generated within you.. YOU are the source of the love..~


TRANSFORMATION IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE... If you put all of your attention into your senses and out of your thinking mind, yes, you'll find out how out of whack you are.. But once you learn how to stay balanced, it is pure in adulterated bliss to be alive, the vast majority of the time. It is a ecstasy in your senses. It is adventure, it is magic. It is pure passionate delight to be the observing consciousness experiencing this world from within your own body.

Practicing present moment awareness & yoga have a powerful effect upon the quality of your life.. It takes years to make huge shifts, but it's priceless, and brings greater freedom in tiny increments every step of the way.

If I can be this ecstatic completely alone in any given moment, anywhere, and if I can be this blissfully at home within my own skin, then you can transform your life into a personally authentic one and find really happiness within yourself. How far I've come from being an eating-disordered, self-conscious, self-depreciating anxious bitchy wreck to a joyful, confident, comfortable, adventurous, accepting, peaceful and pleasant person proves that anything is possible if you are willing to face your reality, prioritize truth, and work for happiness. 


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