Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just Mourning

Weeping willow by the riverside
I don't know why I came~
I didn't come to hide

The water have washed away
Where we used to lay
And I actually think it's better that way

Don't know what drove me here~
It felt like anger, maybe was fear
It came to mind and wouldn't disappear

the fireflies are out and you're forever gone
Thought we'd be together longer
And I didn't think letting go would take this long

I don't even think it's you I miss
Or the time together that doesn't make sense
'Cause when I look back it didn't last that long

When I look back it didn't take you long
To go from saying I'm the brightest thing in your world to telling me you don't love me anymore and that we were wrong

My head is on board,
I don't want brittle love like that
And I'm just mourning what I thought I had

You made me believe
What we had was real
And that it meant to you as much as it meant to me
And now I see that I couldn't be more wrong
So I say let it go, and bring the real love along

The river covers where we used to lay
Where you struggled again and again to throw me away

And no matter what you say you mean
You did what you did and that says everything

The river is high
And the breeze whispers in the leaves
I wish I had as easy a time forgetting you as you did me
Because I don't want half-love ever again

I'm tired of only starting,
and over and over again
I'm tired of men
who play with love but are too lazy to be free
I'm just mourning the fact that you made me think that you wanted to be with me

These fireflies are my friends and she's my willow tree
They're helping me mourn that I thought you wanted to be with me

I don't want a lie
I'm not here to hide
I'm here to let go
I'm here to grow

This isn't about you,
This is about me
I love this place
Under the willow tree

I'm just mourning
To make room
For love to find me

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