Thursday, April 26, 2012

If You Think You Know, You Probably Don't

Shyam Das said this at a recent Kirtan Festival I joyously attended, "He who thinks he knows, certainly doesn't know, but he who thinks he doesn't know, may know."

Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing in concrete states of knowing or being. Nothing is solid, nothing is set in stone, nothing is permanent, nothing is unchanging. Yet we seek some sort of solid perfection, solid harmony, solid sense of who we are, where we are, or where we are going... but the truth is that although we can intuit, can co-create, can participate, we can't ever know for sure. Nothing is solid.

Balance is dynamic. Harmony is a constant flowing conversation with reality. Happiness, health, peace, all of these are a constant state of fluctuation with the ocean of life. Either we surf, or we struggle. Yoga practice is attempting over and over to get on that board and ride the waves in. Fall as many times as we may, we keep learning the dance. We keep learning and become better and better at riding, enjoying our time more and more along the way. This is life.

We tell ourselves that we'll be ready to take chances, to have adventures, to find love, when we are more solid, when we know. What are we waiting to know that we don't already know? What makes us think the endless cycle of forgetting and learning isn't going to continue as it has always throughout our lifetime and throughout the ages?

Today is the day to open up to the endless flow of life. Participate in the conversation. Fall and get up again, over and over. Shine. Grow. Learn. Love. And live your life like it is the only one you have to live, give your gratitude, appreciation and love to the world around you like this moment is your only moment. The rest will figure itself out...

Thank you for your darshan Shyam Das!!

Infinite gratitude to every being that touches my life, may my love reach you all, and all beings, everywhere!!


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