Friday, April 27, 2012

Playlist Therapy~ the powerful yoga of music and movement

Almost everyone I know is very connected to music. We choose an artist or playlist that accentuates our mood, or picks our mood up when we are low, or calms us when we are stressed. This is a form of yoga therapy.

Music powerfully moves energy through the body. The right song at the right moment can trigger a huge release of energy- I know I have had shivers singing the right song at the right moment. I have had really high peak experiences, huge energetic releases complete with flowing tears, laughter, and feeling like inside of me a storm had ended, dark clouds rolled away, and the sun came through to reveal the most perfect sunny, blue skies.

The wrong song at the wrong moment can also depress us, or focusing on music that evokes a particular downward spiral of energy can suppress, depress, and repress our energy. We can easily get almost addicted to the bitterness of sadness and keep rolling with it. It is healthy to use music to touch on pockets of sad or difficult emotions, to cry, sing, move them through, but we must be cautious not to ruminate or become stuck there. The name of the game is movement, kids. Everything in the universe is always in a state of fluidity, if we get stuck, we are not in harmony. Harmony is dynamic, harmony is dancing with the spontaneous rhythm of the universe as it unfolds.

With that thought in mind, dancing, not choreographed dancing, but spontaneous movement as an exchange with the music, letting the music move your body, letting rhythm move energy through you, is extremely theraputic. It helps get the stuck unstuck, helps release self-consciousness that binds our joy and creativity, it helps free us and inspire us. It brings our light out.

Don't take music lightly. Don't conform, listen to what moves your heart and soul, even if it is the same song 14 times in a row! Try new music to see the world through another's eyes and maybe even find a new part of yourSelf.

Playing music, if you are so inclined, singing definately, are POWERFUL means of growth and expression. Bolo, Bolo!! (sing, sing, in Sanskrit!)

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